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male pheromones is making it possible for men to enchant and seduce women using its breakthrough No. 9 BASK attractant, which features a 98.6% concentration male pheromones. Available online at, the revolutionary formula employs androstadienone, a pheromone men naturally produce, to engage women on a chemical level through the brain’s emotional and sexual hub, the hypothalamus.

“No. 9 BASK is a true game-changer, empowering the wearer to attract members of the opposite sex using scientifically tested and proven male pheromones. Best of all, No. 9 BASK features the best pheromones for men in a higher purity than anyone else, so you can expect to experience some memorable results,” said CEO Matt Halper.

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Sold in both Men attracting Women and Women attracting Men formulas, No. 9 BASK incorporates the androstadienone pheromone for men and estratetraenol for women. These pheromones are primarily produced for scientific studies requiring extremely high purity levels for accurate data; it’s this same medical-grade purity that allows No. 9 BASK to deliver such potent sexual effects.

In a recent study conducted by the Stockholm Brain Institute, researchers found that heterosexual subjects experienced increased electrical activity in the anterior hypothalamus after smelling androstadienone male pheromones (for female subjects) and estratetraenol (for males). The hypothalamus is the brain’s hub for aggression, lust, and other powerful human emotions and is sometimes referred to as “The Brain’s Brain” for its important role in regulating both mood and motivation.

The body naturally produces androstadienone male pheromones, however the chemicals are all too often obscured or removed by hygiene products such as deodorant and soap. No 9. BASK enables wearers to enjoy the full, captivating effects of their natural pheromones for men in an undetectable, odorless spray that can be applied as easily as cologne. The effects are nearly instantaneous, Mr. Halper notes, as the pheromones travel through the nasal cavity’s vomeronasal organ (VNO) to reach the brain in under one second. is offering its industry-leading male pheromones attractant at wholesale prices for a limited time only. Available for shipment in just 24 to 48 hours, No. 9 BASK is sold in a range of different sizes, from the company’s pocket-sized .3 fl. oz. applicators to its two-year-supply bottles containing 1.75 fl. oz. of the effective attractant.

To find out more about and the science behind male pheromones, visit or call 754-551-6397. also promotes its pheromones for men on Facebook and Twitter at and, respectively.