Human Pheromones Blog

Cracking the code on attraction all together is impossible if science and human intuition thus far are to be believed. There are some of us who are attracted to the cozy and comfy normalcy of someone; still others prefer trouble and it seems to find them whenever they go out sniffing for love and romance. The things that can set a guy or a gal off are in some ways unknowable and yet there are human pheromones to consider.

With the right pheromone cologne or pheromone perfume we can feel completely immersed in someone’s being with little hesitation. We suddenly find ourselves thrust into a world of a very specific sort of attraction without regard for the things we tend to be on the hunt for in a potential mate. Sex is not all about planning. This biology and natural order and so much more that is unknowable.

The things that tend to send me into a frenzy, an askew glance or a some sassy repartee, are indications that someone is a certain type. Still even without those things I, like all of us, have those moments. Someone’s very presence in a room can turn me on. Those pheromones there to make decisions for you. Good and Bad.