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Pheromones Speak Louder

May 14th, 2012 | Posted by admin in Cologne | Dating | Perfume | Sex | Sexual Health - (0 Comments)

For one reason or another “hooking up” seems permanently tied to places that are incredibly loud. Whether you are hanging at your local bar or spending some time at a big loud rock concert, the vibe of bodies touching strange bodies and the physical drive of loud music can really get people together. In these situations words have little to no affect so you need the sort of guaranteed love potion that the folks at Bask World make.

Going to the Death Cab for Cutie show with a few squirts of Bask’s perfume or cologne is guaranteed to turn some heads around you. Then things become about eye contact and posture as well as knowing when to say the right things in a sparing way. The boost that you get from pheromones for men or for women will put you in rare air with the beautiful people around you.

Bask World pumps their perfumes with the best pheromones for men and women so even in a very loud place your sexual needs and desires can be clearly expressed through you and your mutual biological imperative. As things escalate you might wonder how things moved so quickly. Call it the power of loud music if you want, we all know it was the pheromones.