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male pheromones is making it possible for men to enchant and seduce women using its breakthrough No. 9 BASK attractant, which features a 98.6% concentration male pheromones. Available online at, the revolutionary formula employs androstadienone, a pheromone men naturally produce, to engage women on a chemical level through the brain’s emotional and sexual hub, the hypothalamus.

“No. 9 BASK is a true game-changer, empowering the wearer to attract members of the opposite sex using scientifically tested and proven male pheromones. Best of all, No. 9 BASK features the best pheromones for men in a higher purity than anyone else, so you can expect to experience some memorable results,” said CEO Matt Halper.

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Sold in both Men attracting Women and Women attracting Men formulas, No. 9 BASK incorporates the androstadienone pheromone for men and estratetraenol for women. These pheromones are primarily produced for scientific studies requiring extremely high purity levels for accurate data; it’s this same medical-grade purity that allows No. 9 BASK to deliver such potent sexual effects.

In a recent study conducted by the Stockholm Brain Institute, researchers found that heterosexual subjects experienced increased electrical activity in the anterior hypothalamus after smelling androstadienone male pheromones (for female subjects) and estratetraenol (for males). The hypothalamus is the brain’s hub for aggression, lust, and other powerful human emotions and is sometimes referred to as “The Brain’s Brain” for its important role in regulating both mood and motivation.

The body naturally produces androstadienone male pheromones, however the chemicals are all too often obscured or removed by hygiene products such as deodorant and soap. No 9. BASK enables wearers to enjoy the full, captivating effects of their natural pheromones for men in an undetectable, odorless spray that can be applied as easily as cologne. The effects are nearly instantaneous, Mr. Halper notes, as the pheromones travel through the nasal cavity’s vomeronasal organ (VNO) to reach the brain in under one second. is offering its industry-leading male pheromones attractant at wholesale prices for a limited time only. Available for shipment in just 24 to 48 hours, No. 9 BASK is sold in a range of different sizes, from the company’s pocket-sized .3 fl. oz. applicators to its two-year-supply bottles containing 1.75 fl. oz. of the effective attractant.

To find out more about and the science behind male pheromones, visit or call 754-551-6397. also promotes its pheromones for men on Facebook and Twitter at and, respectively.

Pheromones Speak Louder

May 14th, 2012 | Posted by admin in Cologne | Dating | Perfume | Sex | Sexual Health - (0 Comments)

For one reason or another “hooking up” seems permanently tied to places that are incredibly loud. Whether you are hanging at your local bar or spending some time at a big loud rock concert, the vibe of bodies touching strange bodies and the physical drive of loud music can really get people together. In these situations words have little to no affect so you need the sort of guaranteed love potion that the folks at Bask World make.

Going to the Death Cab for Cutie show with a few squirts of Bask’s perfume or cologne is guaranteed to turn some heads around you. Then things become about eye contact and posture as well as knowing when to say the right things in a sparing way. The boost that you get from pheromones for men or for women will put you in rare air with the beautiful people around you.

Bask World pumps their perfumes with the best pheromones for men and women so even in a very loud place your sexual needs and desires can be clearly expressed through you and your mutual biological imperative. As things escalate you might wonder how things moved so quickly. Call it the power of loud music if you want, we all know it was the pheromones.

Sexting is a phenomena these days that can take some awkwardness out of the experience of courtship and sexual conquests while plunging new and troubling forms of awkwardness right in. It used to be that physical barriers were pushed aside in order to facilitate affection and sex but these days communicative barriers can fall sooner making “first contact” a somewhat scary prospect.

With the help of pheromones for men though you can help cut through some of the digitally created distance in your first meeting. Making that first touch will be all the less nerve wracking for your partner with the helpful motivation of the best pheromones for men put into your perfume. He knows you want to touch, you’ve said all sorts of insane things to each other but making that connection real is going to take some science, some biology and some Bask World perfume.

As things escalate you will find things will be hot and heavy pretty quickly. This is where all that sexting comes in handy and you can take over the process from your pheromones. Still those pheromones remain working for you and your new found lover. Soon enough all of that awkwardness will melt away in a pile of sweat and heat.

While the undeniable power of human pheromones might thrust two libidos seemingly inexplicably together, chances are things will go far smoother if you can get together some form of excuse to get close together. Music is the best way to get people cozy and cuddly without the normal weirdness. Dancing is a great way not only to immerse yourself in a gal’s pheromones but the best way to utilize your own male pheromones and get things intense and sexy in a hurry.

For some the grinding and aggressively sexualized music of hip hop and clubbier electronic music is the ultimate aphrodisiac. The sweaty grinding dancing that occurs is a pretty close approximation of sex on its own so it is no wonder that people enjoy this as part of their human mating ritual.

For my money though, a slow dance offers the opportunity for intimate touch and a whole lot more. Putting on the Carpenters’ classic “Superstar” or “Close To You” will have you and your lady intoxicated by the scent of your cologne loaded as it is with the best pheromones for men.

Before you know it that slow dance will turn into a slow grinding sexual adventure starring you!

If you drench yourself in some of the best pheromones for men, you may find yourself with the sort of “problems” people wish to have. Remember that old footage of the Beatles running away from mobs of screaming girls? Of course you do, it was a thrill just to watch it occur in old black and white film. Utilizing the attraction power of male pheromones is a good way to get a similar rise out of the ladies at your local pub, girls around campus, even members of your local church parish.

Once you have made yourself into a one-person army of weapons of mass attraction, you will find yourself inundated with the advances of women. As a result, you will find yourself sifting through the stack and looking for gals you like best. Do not get so hung up on the quantity that you can not focus up the general power of the male pheromones you are now employing with the help of some Bask cologne.

Too many women being interested in you? Now those are the sort of problems we would all love to have. If nothing else, it will do wonders for your confidence. Let’s just hope your libido can match up.