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In search of a love potion? Don’t let naysayers tell you one doesn’t exist — our No. 9 Bask, formulated with human pheromones, will attract the opposite sex in a snap!

They key to that snap is no huge secret. There is a sixth sense every human has. It is a sense that can drive libidos through the roof and send lovers into each other’s arms for the first time or the five millionth time. The secret is human pheromones focused on men or women specifically. The power of Bask World’s pheromone cologne or perfume with pheromones is that it can drive attraction on an a pure and aggressively animalistic level.

Human pheromones have been found to drive attraction between people using a sense that each of us has but rarely notice. This sense can pick up the pheromones being laid out by everyone at all times. With the help of some of Bask’s cologne you can crack the code on how to make a casual chat into a clear line towards a successful date or sexual conquest.

There are special pheromones designed to attract women and a separate pheromone for men. Each has been tested and is cultivated in labs where research on pheromones has advanced quite a bit. Each also has a great smell simply as cologne or perfume might.

Bask World’s love potion is a great way to take yourself from being attractive and confident to being attractive and unstoppable order some today!

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