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Celeb Comparisons Are A Great In With Male Pheromones

April 16th, 2012 | Posted by admin in Cologne | Dating | Perfume | Sex | Sexual Health

So you look like Skrillex or Zach Galifianakis or Steve Guttenburg; look, some people try out some awkward conversation starters but chances are if a gal is giggling and telling you that your look is in the sphere of someone she is “into” in one way or another, you probably have shot. The key to getting in there once the lid has been pulled off her general fandom is to not react to negatively to the celebrity comparison no matter how weird or unflattering it seems.

Helpful in seizing on this fertile sociological soil is the presence of your pheromones for men from a bottle of Bask cologne. That whiff of male essence will fill in the gap between you and their famous object of desire and suddenly you will find yourself, no-matter how peculiar you may look to others, as the best looking catch in the bar.

Particular styles like those of the aforementioned celebrities can actually get a guy pretty far with a gal. They find themselves thinking about the way their male pheromones will make them feel when they listen to their records or watch their movies. You get to be the living embodiment of whatever fantasy they are harboring.

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