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Male Pheromones And The Cocoon Of Attraction

April 2nd, 2012 | Posted by admin in Cologne | Dating | Perfume | Sex | Sexual Health

It’s amazing what a whiff of male pheromones can do to a gal. With the right amount of cologne with pheromones for men you can waltz into a bar and turn heads without even the slightest glance. Sure once those gazes hit you, it might be helpful to be a well dressed, dashing looking fellow but you can get the initial head turn with just a touch of male pheromone enhanced fragrance.

Once the male pheromones fills the air around you it creates a cocoon of attraction around you. As you chat the girl of your choosing up those pheromones get in deeper and deeper working their magic and doing a lot of work for you. This is no time to be off your game though. Instead you can boost all the hard work being done deep in the subconscious of  this gal with some smooth talk and some playfully fun chit chat.

If you play your cards right the male pheromones in Bask cologne will be pushing you right along the way towards closing the deal and getting the girl that caught your gaze. It is an exceptional way to make connections happen and a great way to keep things moving along.

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